My name is Matt Jackson.
I design digital products for humans, not users.

Currently, I’m working as a Senior Product Designer at Zoopla.

The focus of my work lies in applying psychology principles and human decision making insights into digital products which encourage, support and empower humans to make better, more informed decisions.

Featured work

Helping those with asthma get on with their lives without needing to worry

I was the Design Lead on the team tasked with redesigning an app that connected to a bluetooth smart inhaler. Allowing people to set reminders, automatically track their medication usage and share data with their Doctor.

Beginning with a UX audit and conducting user research to gather behavioural insights. While we redesigned the app, we made sure to create foundational, reusable patterns and behaviours for a scalable design system.

Designing a new data driven system that helps staff make better decisions

The outcome was a proven business case and prototype for a data-driven dashboard displaying information from across BA’s operations. Our early work de-risked further investment by proving early on that the dashboard would do what it needed it to do.

Utilising smartwatch technology to help bystanders perform CPR

Every minute counts when someone has a cardiac arrest. The aim of this side project was to investigate how we could utilise smartwatch technology to guide anyone to recognise when and how to perform CPR in an emergency.

Its usage would not be limited to only helping bystanders in an emergency, it can help trainers educate those learning by setting the correct pace and depth of compressions in a controlled environment.