Hi 👋 I'm MJ

I design interfaces that help humans make decisions.

The focus of my design work lies in applying behavioural insights to digital products that help humans be happier, healthier and wealthier.

Currently, I’m designing the search experience at Zoopla.

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What if we could make medication adherence as simple as brushing your teeth?

I had the opportunity to work with a smart inhaler company to design an app that lets asthma & COPD sufferers forget (within reason) about their condition in order for them to carry on on with their lives, unhindered by a chronic illness.

What if we could use smartwatch tech to help bystanders perform CPR?

Every minute counts when someone has a cardiac arrest. The aim of this side project was to investigate how we could utilise smartwatch technology to guide anyone to recognise when and how to perform CPR in an emergency.

What if we could design a data driven system that helps staff make better decisions?

The outcome of this project was a proven business case and prototype for a data-driven dashboard displaying information from across BA’s operations. Our early work de-risked further investment by proving early on that the dashboard would do what it needed it to do.